S.A.N.G.O. health & wealth

Health and wealth for people in need

Anyone who has ever experienced suffering, disease or poverty knows what counts: to help where help is needed; to reduce suffering where suffering makes it impossible to live with human dignity. And that on all levels of humanity: body, mind and soul.

The non-profit organisation S.A.N.G.O. health & wealth has dedicated itself to this goal, irrespective of where help is needed or who needs it. Due to personal connections, our activities currently focus mainly on Burundi. Nonetheless, we are aware that even in a rich country like Germany, there are also people in need of assistance. We target places where we can make a real difference – with our hands, with our funds, with our ideas. In Germany, Burundi and soon hopefully throughout the world…

Of course, we welcome all help we can get in carrying out this work. Perhaps you would like to express your gratitude for an abundant life together with us? Even small resources allow us to enable others to share in our well-being.